Jay The Author

About Jay the Writer

Jeffrey L. Cheatham II was born on October 9th 1985, but he didn’t discover why until 1990. This was the year that his father introduced him to his favorite reading material, comics. Jeffrey immediately became fascinated with the creative worlds that comic books exposed him to. His favorite comics that he loved reading were Batman, Spiderman, & The Archie comic series. As a result of his love for comics, Jeffrey wanted to be a part of it by writing stories of his own. His passion for storytelling were evident to all those around him, even when he attended John Muir elementary school when every literary assignment he completed was in the form of a story or comic. As he entered high school, his desire to write became secondary to his athletic pursuits, due to the support shown to him for athletics versus his writing.

The desire for storytelling re-emerged for Jeffrey during his final year of college. When late one evening he watched his favorite childhood movie, The Lion King. That moment helped Jeffrey decide that he must be true to himself and return to his writing aspirations. What cemented Jeffrey decision to write again was the birth of his beautiful daughter. Jeffrey wanted to show her that you should never give up your dreams, even when the world tells you that you should. For the next 4 years, Jeffrey wrote movie scripts and struggle to find people to help him make the projects happen. One day, his daughter kept talking about dinosaur books and how she wanted one. Jeffrey drove down to a book store and they could not find a dinosaur book to buy. His daughter was sad for not being able to find a dinosaur book, but this day served as the igniter for Jeffrey’s first book, “The Family Jones & The Eggs of Rex.” Jeffrey idea behind The Family Jones series as well as the message behind the books is captured in the tagline: Family is the magic we all can create. A lesson he wants to pass on to his daughter. His follow-up “Why is Jane so Mad?” tells the story of how kids deal with negative emotions.

Jeffrey goals are to write and publish as many enjoyable stories as humanly possible. Jeffrey resides in Seattle, Washington where he plans create an atmosphere for people to always pursue their dreams with childlike ambition and imagination.